7 Best Balcony Plants to Add Color to Your Space

7 Best Balcony Plants to Add Color to Your Space

Homiful.com -- Fresh, blooming plants will add a splash of color to your home balcony. You'll also need to make some room on the balcony for plants. Use large and small balcony spaces to serve as planter sets or plants to beautify your space and the eye-catching look of the bottom.  You can even select not only ornamental plants, but also some types that you can determine for yourself by reading the following reviews.



This type of fern plant, which is a moist wet tropical plant, is found all over the world. This deer antler nail is very exotic for home areas, especially balconies, because of its unique shape and ease of growth using husk media. This plant can be hung with as little as moist water and is sensitive to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.



This well-known variety of leaves with an arrow-like shape grows and is relatively easy to care for. With long, creeping shoots, this plant grows in tropical and subtropical forests. Depending on the variety, the leaves can be green, silver, or even white. The plant grows best in dry areas and requires regular watering.

Rex Begonia


Plants with vibrant leaf colors will undoubtedly enhance the appeal of your home's balcony area. Rex begonias are widely used as indoor or outdoor house plants in hanging pots or on plant shelves. It prefers partial sun and dislikes the afternoon sun because it cause the leaves to burn.

Cosmos in a window box


Cosmos is a beautiful flower plant with a variety of colors, Black eyed susan, marigold, chrysanthemum, or dairy are some other varieties that are similar. Because it tolerates direct sunlight, the plant is ideal for balcony areas. It is also commonly used for garden plants that spread via seeds.



There is no doubt that pothos is one of the vines that can be grown in any climate. You can le these pothos creep all over the place, including the balcony, with or without a trellis. Choose pothos varieties with yellow and green foliage and heart-shaped leaves.

Taiwanese Radiance


This plant is a shrub that grows only 30 - 40 cm tall. With small leaves, smooth texture, and gleaming green color. This plant grows along the plant's stalks and has lovely flowers. Typically used as landscaping plants, but also suitable for window boxes on balconies.



Air plants that can grow without this medium will be ideal for balcony areas, providing new colors and plant types. Maintenance is simple, but watering must be done with caution. Because this plant dislikes excessive water, watering is only necessary when it begins to required.

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