Snake Plants Propagation in Water (Fun and Easy Ways) -- The snake plant is a friendly plant. It is simple to care for and offers great benefits. The snake plant purifies the air we breath by filtering toxins. More than that, snake plant, or Sansevieria, is also so easy to propagate at home without soil but with water. Find out the simple way in snake plant propagation in water (fun and easy ways).

Cutting the single leaf snake plant


The first thing you do is to choose mature and healthy leaves to cut. Cut the bottom of the leaf in a V shape to increase the surface area. This will accelerate root growth compared to not cutting it. Allow the cut leaves to dry for a few days before placing them in water. You can apply this method to several types of sansevieria, it may be a little difficult for sansevieria cylindrica with thick green leaves than other types of sansevieria.

Put the cutting leaf in a clear jar or vessel filled with water


This is an exciting time. Place the cutting leaves in the water. Put the V-shaped leaf part into a clear vessel or jar filled with water. Make sure the water is enough to cover the base of the V-shaped peace, not too much but not too little either. This look will give you a stunning plant propagation mini lab.

Wait for it to grow roots


Water propagation is a fun process, but it also requires patience. It takes weeks for your snake plant cutting to develop roots and be ready to be planted in potting soil. Place the snake plant container in a location with plenty of bright, indirect light. Change the water regularly to avoid algae growth that interfere with root growth.

Wait longer for the baby plants to appear at the tip of the leaves


Surprisingly, snake plants propagated in water can produce baby plants like the ones shown. You may have to wait a little longer; it could take up to two months or more to get baby snake plant like this. Baby snake plants will stick to roots that can also be planted in the ground if they are strong enough.

Planting it in potting soil


When the roots have emerged long and look strong, you can plant your propagated snake plant cuttings in potting soil. Use a well-draining soil type and pot. And you'll have more snake plants to decorate some corners in your home.

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