How to Plant Begonias in Spring - Amazing Plants

How to Plant Begonias in Spring - Amazing Plants -- Gardeners love begonias. With begonias in the planter, festive color splashes will add luxury to the yard. Despite its reputation for being a little out of date, this plant variety is widely available on the market. The appearance of the leaves is spectacular and appealing; during flowering, there will be long-lasting flashy colors, gorgeous neon colors for hanging baskets or planters.


Begonias can be planted in flower beds and plantations together. The soil will bloom throughout the summer and into the autumn harvest. With a long spring, the leaves become more dense, allowing the begonia to shine in containers. It's lovely to see some container and corners of space the aren't plantation land. Wax begonia, rex begonias, sugar cane begonia, rhizomatous begonias, and tuber begonias are some popular varieties.

When and where to plant begonia


Because begonia is a tropical plant that grows in zones 3 - 10 (tubers in the fall in zones 3 - 7). Begonia prefer direct sunlight with nutation. landscaped areas or areas with some shade in the afternoon area ideal.

Bed begonias is a common wax begonia. Because it looks lovely as a flower bed with red, pink, and white flowers. This plant tolerates direct sunlight better than other varieties. Unlike tuberous begonia, which prefer more shade and a little heat. Because tuberous begonia are more popular for their large, bright flowers and their striking leaves with a fragrant aroma.

When is the best time to plant begonias


The best time to plant begonias is in the spring. Although most begonia dislike direct sunlight, this plant will tolerate a little filtered morning or evening sun. Because it container tropis plants, it can be kept in a warm room. Consider planting begonia bulbs in a container and transplanting them to the garden when the weather is warm. This will result in more leaves being produces. Plant begonia tubers 1 inch deep and 10 to 12 inches apart.

Begonia growing tips


Begonia will produce leaves for a period of time after planting. This necessitates regular watering, a humid environment, and adequate lighting. Begonia looks great in hanging baskets, make sure to place them in a area protected from wing and afternoon sun. Bring it inside in the fall.

Tips for choosing begonia


Among the many begonia varieties available, you must ensure that the plant is healthy and not random. Begonia should be used sparingly in hanging baskets. You can also select a floral look, such as red, yellow, pink, white orange, or random flowers on the picotee's edges. The height and size of the plant can be used to determine which container is best for growing it in.

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