7 Gorgeous Houseplants for Sunny Windows

Homiful.com -- What's better than seeing your houseplants glowing happily in the sunny windows? Surely, it will if you choose indoor plants that love the situation. Plants will be at their best where they are happy. Let's enliven your windows with these 7 gorgeous houseplants for sunny windows.



Croton is one of the best house plants for sunny windows. The more light it receives, the more intense the color of its foliage. Being placed in a sunny location, crotons will get orange splashes on their foliage that look as exotic as the color 'blazing fire'. Croton is also a low-maintenance plant, you only need to water it when the soil is dry.



Kalanchoe has fleshy and waxy leaves that make it perfect for a sunny window. They will thrive in bright light and have earned reputation as a ''sun-worshipper'' plant. You can put kalanchoe in a south-facing or west-facing window that gets plenty of bright natural light. A happy kalanchoe will give you beautiful flowers as above.

Zebra haworthia


The zebra cactus will add a unique and exotic touch to your sunny window. This succulent grows well in places with bright, indirect light. However, avoid the direct afternoon sunlight as it will stress and dry out the zebra cactus. Do moderate watering once a week in summer and once every two weeks in winter.



Why not a flower plant as beautiful as Hippeastrum? This plant looks a bit like an amaryllis, with a soft bulb that grows a single stem with pretty flowers on it. This plant can be grown indoors in a sunny window. Make sure the window is not opened to prevent strong winds from stressing it out and making it unable to flower.

Zebra plant (Aphelandra squarossa)


Zebra plant is popular as an ornamental plant with green foliage with white stripes that are so freshly beautiful. It is a slow-growing plant but within proper care it can live up to a decade. You can place it in a sunny window with bright, indirect light. Do not put it close to glass window or direct sunlight as it will scorch the leaves.

Jade plant


Step up the game by growing jade plant in cascade way like this one. Jaded plant require 4 hours of sun to grow happy and healthy. That's why, jade plant is a true indoor plant that will love a sunny window. A sunny window with lots of light will allow the signature red tips on their fleshy foliage.

Clusia Rosea 'Princess'


A tropical plant with intense green leaves that gives a simple and classic green statement to the room. This plant is easy to care for. The clusia likes warm, humid conditions. Clusea rosea prefers medium to bright, indirect light. You can place it in a sunny window, but not with too much heat nor in direct sunlight.

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