7 Indoor Moss Gardens To Decorate Your House


7 Indoor Moss Gardens To Decorate Your House 

Homiful.com -- Nature never ceases to amaze us with its beauty. Did you know that you can create a miniature 'nature' into your house or apartment? Bring the coolness of nature into your home with these "7 Indoor Moss Gardens To Decorate Your House". More than just being beautiful, moss gardens also have other benefits that are not to be missed!

Majestic and Stunning Moss Garden In Jar


The first idea is to create a beautiful mini moss garden. This terrarium is made in a 1.5 liter jar with the addition of led and resin water to create a majestic impression. In addition to moss, it includes pink and green phytonia. Truly a beautiful custom piece, isn't it? 

Hanging Moss Garden


Create a moss garden with a unique look with this one idea. This time it is an inspiration to make a moss garden on the frame. With the addition of pieces of bark and plant roots, isn't it very pretty? It's like looking at a miniature green field in the forest.

A Natural Pathway


Whether you have an indoor vertical garden or not, you can easily install a moss garden to complement any decor. Moss gardens are a one-of-a-kind option that you can incorporate into your indoor space. There are numerous options for making it interesting and beautiful. You can also make a miniature shady walkway similar to this.

Moss Garden to Refresh your Space


Most people do not consider moss gardening to be a method of improving indoor air quality. However, this is only one of the many advantages that moss gardens have to offer. Through a process known as biofiltration, moss gardens can improve indoor air quality. Pollutants in the air are absorbed by the moss, converted to carbon dioxide and water, and then released as clean air.

Create a Spring Time


This moss garden looks beautiful with the addition of colorful fittonia plants. Not only that, the addition of small rocks and pieces of wood makes this terrarium even more unique! It's like seeing spring all the time.

Decorated Moss Garden


Apart from making it a miniature nature with careful arrangement, a moss garden can also look attractive in a simple way. This moss garden looks attractive with an expanse of green moss. The surrounding is added with some rocks. Then additional decorations such as small houses, cows, and fences, make this moss garden even more lively and eye-catching!

Mini 'Nature' in Your Space


Growing moss in a small clear aquarium not only saves space, but it also adds beauty to your environment. Mist your moss garden on a regular basis to help it grow. This forest terrarium is also a great handmade gift you can give for your loved ones. The rocks add up to the stunning dark shade of moss’s beauty, capturing the essence of the forest and mountain!

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