7 Indoor Plants that Thrive in Direct Sunlight

7 Indoor Plants that Thrive in Direct Sunlight

Homiful.com -- Not all houseplants like direct sunlight. Of course, if you are a gardener looking to beautify the terrace and garden, choose a plant that requires direct sunlight, filtered or very bright light to be planted indoors. Some areas of the house, such as windows and doors facing south and west, are ideal for indoors plants. What is the list of sun-loving indoor plants?




The ancient Egyptians used this plant to make boats and paper, which included the most beautiful ornamental plant specimens for bright spaces. It is critical to provide and ideal and consistent humidity level when growing this plant. This pond edge plant is adapted to wet environments; if you place it in a container of water, make sure to change the water as frequently as possible.



Ponytail has small, dark green leaves that resemble a ponytail. This very attractive for kitchens and living rooms requires the same care as succulents. It does not require watering, receives full to partial sunlight, and can be grown in sand or coarse soil.



The hibiscus is the ornamental plant that adds this vibrant color to the room. This drought tolerant and full sun loving plant can be grown as a garden plant. pink, red, orange, white and yellow flowers are among the many available.



Tropical plants with shiny green leaves and beautiful white flowers are the best choice for garden plants. It prefers sunny location and will bloom again and again. It has a very fragrant aroma and is a beautiful plant all year.

Jade plant


The Jade plant, with its attractive and popular fleshy leaves, is ideal for sunny windows. Jade plants require at least 4 hours of sunlight per day from a south-facing windows. This plant does not belongs to the Cactus family and must be kept moist and watered when the soil becomes dry.

Strands of pearls


Succulents and hanging basket plants look great in all of these areas. Senecio rowleaynus is a plant that prefers indirect sunlight, infrequent watering, and repotting to multiply because of its rapid growth.

Golden barrel cactus


It is no surprise that desert plant thrive in full sun and drought tolerant. Because of tis unusual shape, this golden barrel cactus grows well indoors. Prickly sharp, prefers full sun, and should be kept away from winter winds.

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