How To Grow a Lotus in Your Garden Easily - Amazing Colors

How To Grow a Lotus in Your Garden Easily - Amazing Colors -- The lotus (Nelumbo) is an aquatic plant with beautiful flowers and interesting leaves. It is typically grown in water gardens. It is highly invasive, so it must be grown with caution or it will quickly take over its environment. If you're interested in keeping one, check out "How To Grow a Lotus in Your Garden Easily - Amazing Colors" below!

One of nature's most beautiful creations is the lotus flower. The lotus is respected in Asian countries such as India, China, Japan, and Korea. The lotus comes in a variety of sizes, with some varieties reaching 6 feet tall (in dams and lakes) and others growing happily in a 6 inch bowl. In other words, there is a lotus for every circumstance. Lotus can be grown in a variety of ways, including freestanding bowls on your patio, a pond in your backyard, or a large earth lake on your property.


Lotus flowers are available in white, red, pink, yellow, lavender, and blue. They are one of the most beautiful aquatic plants you can grow, blooming from early to late summer. The lotus is, common as India's national flower. 

Lotus plants are related to water lilies but differ in that their flowers and foliage are held on stalks above the water, whereas water lilies' flowers and foliage pads float on the water's surface (with the exception of tropical water lily flowers which also bloom above the water line). Lotus is hardy in zones 5-10, which encompasses the majority of North America.


Growing lotus plants necessitates a certain amount of perseverance. If grown in the soil, the plants will spread quickly and easily, so it is best to plant them in containers. Make sure there are no drainage holes in your container—lotus roots can easily escape through them, and since your container will be submerged, drainage isn't an issue.


How to Plant the Lotus :

1. Fill the bottom of your pot with a couple inches of sand. Several inches of top soil should be added. The depth is determined by the size of your pot. Never use potting soil. The potting soil will float out of your container due to its light weight. The best soil contains clay.

2. Create a small indentation for your tuber. Set your tuber roots and growing tips down. As the tuber takes root, the roots will expand and pull it into place.

3. Cover the tuber lightly with more soil. Do not press down on the soil as you would with other types of planting. You might sever the eyes.

4. Add water slowly, but not too much. There was no standing water on top of the mud.

5. Keep the tuber planted warm. If your house is too cool, place the pot on a low-heat heating pad.

6. Sunlight is insignificant until leaves appear. When you see the leaves lying flat on the dirt, make sure the pot gets as much sunlight as possible. (8+ hours per day) Add a few inches of water as the leaves begin to grow.


Lotus plant care is relatively simple. Place them in a full-sun location and fertilize them sparingly. Lotus tubers cannot withstand freezing temperatures. If the water in your pond does not freeze solid, your lotus should be able to survive the winter if planted deeper than the freeze line. If you are concerned about freezing, dig up your lotus tubers and store them indoors in a cool place.


Lotuses, unlike water lilies, do not bloom as early in the season. A lotus requires several weeks of hot weather to bloom. They may not bloom until their second summer. But when they bloom, WOW! they are incredible.

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