7 Best Type of Croton Plants to Grow at Home

7 Best Type of Croton Plants to Grow at Home 

Homiful.com --  Croton are native to Southeast Asia and Oceania's tropical forests. They grow as large shrubs in the wild, reaching up to 10 feet in height (in the home or garden, they stay a lot smaller). 

Croton plants, which are primarily used for ornamental purposes, add a splash of color and intrigue to your interiors, balcony, or vertical garden. Croton only require little care and are ideal for beginners. Check out these "7 Best Types of Croton Plants to Grow at Home" below.

Mammy Croton


Mammy croton is the most bold and popular croton variety. It is identified by its vibrant foliage and leaves that twist and curl upwards. The plant's glossy leaves and striking color add a decorative element to your balcony or living room. While the plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it is best to bring it inside during the winter season.

Banana Croton


Bright banana croton will bring color and life to your interiors. This croton is recognized by green oblong leaves speckled with yellow patches. The petit plant, which grows to be about a foot or two tall, is an excellent addition to bright interiors or sunny balconies.

Petra Croton


Another croton species native to Southeast Asia and the South Pacific is Petra Croton. The plant has broad, green leaves with yellow, red, or orange veins that run through them. Many people grow Petra croton indoors. 

Indoors, the plant can grow up to six feet tall depending on the container and the environment. One of the best balcony design ideas that never fails to impress is to place a large pot of Petra croton.

Zanzibar Croton


Zanzibar's long, slender leaves display beautiful shades of green, red, orange, yellow, and purple. This decorative plant adds texture and contrast to any environment, making it ideal for decorating modern and contemporary home interiors. Zanzibar croton typically reach three to four feet in height and thrive in bright light. This croton variety makes an excellent indoor plant.

Magnificent Croton


Magnificent croton plants bathed in the hues of the morning sun are a delightful sight. The plant has large, broad leaves that are green, pink, red, orange, burgundy, and deep purple in color. Magnificent crotons can grow up to 7 feet tall when grown outdoors. 

They are hardy croton varieties that retain their color even in the shade. This makes them ideal for bringing character to dull corners of your home.

Andrew Croton


Andrew Croton is a rare sight of croton. The pointy leaves and creamy white hues of this croton make it look stunning. This croton variety should be planted in the shade to protect its leaves from bleaching. With proper care, the leaves can grow up to 10 inches long.

Gold Dust Croton


Gold dust croton, is a popular croton plant variety with long thin green leaves dusted with golden yellow spots. Gold dust grows best in humid environments with indirect sunlight. If you're going to keep it indoors, make sure it gets at least three to four hours of indirect light per day. Gold dust is an easy-to-grow and visually appealing plant that every plant lover should have in their home.

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