8 Really Beautiful Drought Tolerant Houseplants

 Homiful.com - Skip watering the plants maybe most likely done often. But, growing the neglected houseplant and drought tolerant can bring easier for you. Here we have 8 Really Beautiful Drought Tolerant Houseplants. Check it out!

Aloe vera


Aloe vera is a houseplant plump that is easy to care for. These spiky succulents don't need much water, and you can let the soil dry out between waterings.

Burro's tail


Has a botanical name Sedum morganianum, this houseplant is a part of drought tolerant. Burro's tail has a gray-green succulent stem that grows climbing. They also have lush, almost jelly bean-shaped leaves that overlap on trailing stems.

Sago palm


Cycas revoluta is a slow-growing houseplant that popular to place indoors. They are also easy to care for and bring tropic into your room. Sago's palms are well-drained soil, so it doesn't kill them when forgetting to water.



Haworthia knew zebra plants because of their appearance - white-striped foliage. But, they also can improve your home with stunning looks. And this houseplant is easy to maintain like other succulents.

Gasteria (Ox tongue)


Ox tongue or Gasteria bicolor is a houseplant that has rough textured and gray-green leaves. The appearance makes unique the indoor plant collection. They are also drought-tolerant and need bright light to thrive.

Ponytail palm


The ponytail palm or Beaucarnea recurvata is a thick and trunk-like stem that can store moisture long term. So, they can survive easily if missed watering. The narrow leaves grow from the end of its single stem.



Pothos is a popular houseplant that is perfect to grow indoors. They are drought-resistant houseplants with attractive, glossy foliage.

ZZ plant


ZZ plant has leathery leaves that look like plastic because stiff and shiny. Part of the drought-resistant houseplant ZZ plant is slowly growing but can eventually grow 3 feet tall and wide.

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