Going to Plant Staghorn Fern Information and Care

Going to Plant Staghorn Fern Information and Care

Homiful.com -- The staghorn fern is a plant that grows in warm indoor areas and is particularly attractive in baskets. This plant has a stunning appearance and grows on trees. The treatment is determined by lighting, temperature, and humidity levels. Follow the complete discussion of Going to Plant Staghorn Fern Information and Care:

Staghorn fern facts


There are 17 different species of plants here. Other names for staghorn fern include elkhorn fern and antelope ear. The plant's basal leaves are horn-like and flattened. With age, these flat, infertile leaves can turn a thin, dry brown color. The plant is securely overlapped on the mounting surface. As reproductive organs on the edge of the lobes and horn type, this staghorn fern produces spores.

How to grow staghorn fern


This fern plant is simple to grow. They require low to medium light and a moderate level of humidity. Grow indoor or outdoors. For optimal growth, this plant should be placed in a shaded area with partial light. If you're going to be indoors, make sure to get sure to get some indirect sunlight. 

Plants this staghorn fern in a log or a basket. It grows with little peat, compost, and other organic matter. 

How to grow a staghorn from a puppy


For a long time, this fern will produce saplings that will populate the main crop. This fern does not produces seeds like other plants. It is best to start a new staghorn fern from seedlings. Cut the saplings from the mother plant with a knife and sterilizer.

Bunch and cut with wet sphagnum moss. Tie it to a piece of wood or bark. Make certain that the plant's saplings are properly cared for until they reach maturity.

Staghorn fern treatment


The staghorn requires the proper humidity, light, and temperature to thrive. This plant can live for many years if properly cared for. Homegrown staghorn ferns are smaller in size. Water only when the soil is dry. The plant is susceptible to black spot, a fungal disease. Water the plants and keep the room as dry as possible to prevent spores form entering.

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