Valentine’s Day: The Top 6 of Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Gifts - It's Valentine's day! What are you doing on this day? Of course, give your crush or lover some special things, right? Here we have some ideas to help you with the gift to give to your loved one, especially flowers. Look at these The Top 6 Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Gifts. Check it out!

Cherry tree


The first one comes from the Cherry tree. The flower can bring romance and beauty to your garden area every year. The Cherry tree also gets a glut of deep purple sweet cherries. Grow in dwarf size, the Cherry tree also can produce fruits with red flesh that are ready in late summer.

Red Rose


It's a classic for Valentine's celebration by bringing Red Rose flowers. But, it is also perfect to make your crush feel love by giving this flower that symbolizes romantic, love, and faithful.  And Red Rose is suitable for beginners if you don't know what flower to give to your love.



Another option besides Rose is Snowdrops. You can bring this flower if your love doesn't like red roses or for a different gift. Actually, Snowdrops are planted in autumn and flower from January to March. So, in February, you still get this flower to celebrate Valentine's.

Bleeding hearts


Bleeding Hearts or has botanical name Dicentra Spectabilis is a beautiful flower known for its long arching stems. And the flower that grows along the arching stems has heart-shaped in pink and white. You can grow this plant in partial shade and prefer in fertile soil. But, this flower can make you get stomach upset if ingested.

Pink Azalea


The pink Azalea is a beautiful flower that is perfect for Valentine's day. This flower looks classic and charming that deserves a prime space. The pink color makes Azalea stand out and is perfect on lovely days.



Orchid is a beautiful flower that is perfect to pick on Valentine's day. Bloom in a range of colors makes Orchids look stunning. Besides difficult care, they love to grow in humidity spots. What about watering this flower? Just water them if you look at the root turning silvery gray color.

That are Valentine’s Day: The Top 6 of Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Gifts present to you. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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