6 Stylish Balcony Garden Designs Become Integral Parts of the Building's Facade

 Homiful.com - Part of the building, balcony also can use like other rooms. You can enjoy the day in this area, such as reading a book, having morning or evening tea, gardening, and more. Here we have some information to share with you. Look at these 6 Stylish Balcony Garden Designs Become Integral Parts of the Building's Facade. Check it out!

Dream balcony create in simple but still look fancy


If you have enough size of a balcony at home, design it into a good spot and cozy place. Create a cast bench and put some measured stuff on this balcony. Make sure to use similar hues for matching and elegant balconies. You can give a gold touch for a fancy effect in this area.

Extreme balcony in a corner spot with a round shape


What do you think about the extreme balcony? It sounds dangerous, right? But, if living in an apartment or unusual area, this concept is common. With a small balcony, you can design it into a balcony garden for a fresh and pretty spot at home. Put potted plants around this balcony or hang them on the railing to save more space.

Green up your balcony


Maybe running out of ideas make stuck to designing the balcony. But, you can use a basic design for a balcony garden. Like putting greenery to green up the balcony. Select pretty greenery that is suitable for your balcony area. Then, you can hang the potted plants with flowers or succulents inside them. But, you also can hang the vines that can make a gorgeous balcony.

Spruce up the balcony by using a standing planter


A balcony garden sometime looks messy if have a lot of plants. And it brings lush balconies that sometimes make uncomfortable the dweller. Spruce up the balcony by putting enough plants and easy to maintain. Try putting the pot of plants on the standing planter that can help to make tidy the balcony. You can put the plants with a standing planter near the railing area for a stunning design.

Romantic small balcony garden and string light


A small balcony is not mean can't design and decoration with nicely. You can change the small balcony into a pretty and gorgeous place by using a romantic style. Install the string light around the balcony for stunning lighting at night. Then, you can place plants on this balcony for a fresh mini garden.

Level structuring for a small balcony garden


Get a level structuring concept for your balcony garden idea. Use a multilevel rack for this style that can help the garden look gorgeous. Complete the balcony floor by installing a grass rug or grass artificial to support the vibes.

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