7 Beautiful Zen Garden Ideas Worth Trying

7 Beautiful Zen Garden Ideas Worth Trying

Homiful.com -- Many garden ideas for landscape design or backyard landscaping are more appealing. The Japanese zen garden, also known as the Japanese rock garden, is one of them. To relieve fatigue and tiredness, this park employs natural elements such as rocks, sand, or other materials that create an exotic appearance. A zen garden may appear to be expensive, but with a few ideas, you can make one at home, and it's worth a shot. For an impressive private oasis, consider the following zen garden ideas:

Zen garden ideas on a budget using sand and rocks


You can start a zen garden at home easily and cheaply by defining a sand area and placing large rocks wherever you want. As seen, an earthen mound filled with ornamental grass can be used to complete this minimalist idea. A zen garden concept will provide a calm and soothing environment for meditation.

Plant zen garden


You can use this idea to create a zen garden at home. Plants can be chosen according to personal preference, but bonsai plants are particularly appealing. Some sand and rock mixtures are elements that area never left behind. Use a small rake to sweep the sand in the desired pattern. 

Zen garden water features


A zen garden will be ideal if it includes a pond or a flowing stream. To make mediation more relaxing, create a pool with the main focus. With the concept of a zen garden next to quieter home,  natural rock and coral filled in for land cover.

Make walkways


Adding a few stepping stones to the path will enhance the beauty of your zen garden. This will not detract from the concept of a zen garden, but will make it appear kinder and boldern. This design also includes a gazebo, which makes for an exciting greening area for evening walks.

Zen garden in the backyard


Zen garden design will create a fresh atmosphere by maximizing the special area for the House's backyard. Generally, the Japanese garden concept includes bonsai trees to create natural balance and peace.

Plant color combinations


Only green ornamental plants can be used to create a dominant zen garden concept. Not that other colors should be excluded. You can easily choose some other festive red colors or types of ornamental plants with festive colors that will make a unique impression on your landscape.

Complete the meditation area sculpture


The concept and completeness of the elements in the zen garden design will be more stunning. One of them is a Buddha statue to help you focus during your meditation. For special areas in the House, sculptures with a complete zen garden design can be considered.


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