7 Pretty Indoor Plants in Water Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- Growing plants in water or doing water propagation is a fun activity. You don't have to get your hands dirty with soil to grow plants; some indoor plants can thrive on water alone. Plants in water garden also feature stunning displays that enhance the decor of any interior style. You can check out these 7 pretty indoor plants in water garden ideas.

1. Pothos in aesthetic clear vessels


Take pothos plants to the next level. You can grow the pothos plants in water in aesthetically pleasing vessels. It comes with a wooden stand that display the clear water in the transparent vessels as well as the leaves of the pothos plants. Having pothos in a water garden like this is like having a beautiful mini-lab.

2. Opuntia (Pickly pear) with hairy roots


Opuntia is commonly known as the pickly pear. This desert plant is simple to propagate through cuttings and water propagation. Place a healthy piece of opuntia cutting in a transparent bowl. Wait a few weeks, and fine white root will grow thickly in the bowl. Regularly change the water if it becomes cloudy.

3. Hydroponic Anthurium water garden

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Proper care will make anthuriums grow healthy and happy with the hydroponic method. These plants can grow dense roots and fresh green foliage. Make sure the water is also dripped with liquid nutrients that the plant needs. Clean the water and vase from algae and mosquito larvae that may interfere with anthurium growth.

4. Succulent in the water

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Look how amazing to grow succulent in the water! Just provide transparent glass to grow the roots of succulent. Place in bright, indirect light conditions to accelerate root growth. While waiting for it be ready for planting in the ground, you will get a stunning display for indoor settings.

5. Snake plants in the water

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Trying water propagation with snake plants will add a natural aesthetic to your home. It's easy; just place the snake plant pieces in a clear vase filled with water. Don't soak all the leaves; just a few inches from the cutting will encourage root growth.

6. Succulents strings in the water garden

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Succulent strings, such as string of hearts, string of banana, string of dolphins, are great for growing into natural curtains. The more you have, the better. Experiment with water propagation media. Grow them in a transparent container. While waiting to grow, this string succulent will be a unique aquatic feature.

7. Beautiful Hyacinth bulb

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Prepare your spring with blooming hyacinth flowers. You can grow hyacinth bulbs indoor, by submerging the tip of bulb in water. Make sure the leaves and flower buds are not submerged. If successful, hyacinth can flower in the house.

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