7 Sun-Loving Houseplants for South-Facing Windows

7 Sun-Loving Houseplants for South-Facing Windows

Homiful.com -- Those who own ornamental plants must also understand how to properly care for them. Including putting plants in the right place. Determine whether the plant prefers direct, indirect, or intermediate sunlight. One of them is the brightest window in the house and is ideal for laying plants. 

The South window can provide direct lighting to the room for the majority of the day. To select the best houseplants for windows facing south. Many factors can be considered, but the type of plants that thrive in the home environment should be exposed to the light conditions that they prefer. So, here is a list of plants that thrive in high light from the South window.



Hibiscus is a tropical plant with the brightest, boldest color that is frequently used for ornamental plants. Plants that produce the most flowers can grow all year. Bright light is required, as well as regular fertilization.

Aloe vera


The succulents that comprise aloe vera are best suited for direct sunlight and can survive with filtered light. This plant can die if overwatered. So avoid overwatering and only water when the soil is completely dry.



This lovely plant with visual leaves and creeping shape is ideal for pots and near south-facing windows. To keep this sunburned plant afloat, a thin curtain should be added. It grows quickly and propagation by cuttings is simple.



A Ponytail is a well-proportioned plant for decorating a room. It is very easy to care for and prefers conditions similar to succulents. it is best grown in soil mixtures such as cactus or fresh soil. You can also treat such a succulent by watering it gradually.

The snake plant


The snake plant made the list of the most popular and sought-after plants. It thrives in any environment and grows well in the sun. The snake plant rhives without regular watering, making it a difficult plant to eradicate. This plant will produce fragrant white flowers if properly lit.

Pachira aquatica


Pachira prefers a mix of direct and indirect sunlight. This tropical plant, which is thought to bring good luck, responds well to sunlight and should be watering once every 1 or 2 weeks. The money tree also prefers high humidity, partial or filtered sunlight.



Croton is a colorful ornamental plant for the most attractive home garden. Tolerates both low and direct light. Excessive watering it not acceptable because it can kill him. You can add moisture by spraying water only on the leaves.

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