Indoor Plants: 7 of the Best Houseplants - An indoor houseplant can enhance the home and give good air. But, houseplants that place indoors can provide a lot of benefits for dwellers. And here we have 7 of the Best Houseplants that you can try growing at home. Check it out!

Moth Orchid


Including epiphytic plants, Moth Orchids also can grow in the indoor area. Although no need for water in wild, you must water this houseplant when growing indoors. Watering them mix each 2-4 weeks and mist the surrounding air to keep humid.

Adiantum (Maiden Hair Fern)


Maidenhair fern is a beautiful houseplant to increase your home decoration. Love in moisture spot, keep Adiantum in the air that is moist around by misting and water mix weekly. Keep them from strong light too. This houseplant has light green leaves with soft shiny stems and feathers, that are also perfect to hang the plants on the ceiling.

Golden Pothos (Devil's ivy)


Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy is a houseplant that can grow in multiple conditions. It factored by the light. If the light is high, the water is also high, and vice versa. Watering this houseplant while the top soil is dry.



Cyclamen is a houseplant that brightens up during winter. You can put this houseplant in a cool and draught-free area with morning sun. Get watering Cyclamen while the soil dries.



Part of a popular houseplant, Succulent is perfect for beginners, busy people, or lazy gardeners. But neglect over a long period will make death. Mostly, Succulent can store water, that the secret to why they can survive in all conditions. But, you can water them while the soil dries.

Monstera deliciosa


Another popular houseplant for indoor is Monstera deliciosa or Swiss Cheese Plant. The features look elegant and suitable to put in your office too. They have lush green leaves with distinctive holes that why this plant is stunning in any room and can grow in any space.



Peperomia is a pretty houseplant that also can grow by hanging in an indoor area. They can survive in humidity, indirect light, and low to medium water.

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