7 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Homiful.com -- Having a small bathroom can be challenging at times. It makes us less free and more cautions. A bathroom can feel small due to improper arrangement. A right setting will make a small space feel bigger and more comfortable. Discover 7 small bathroom ideas to make your space feel bigger.

1. Use bright colors


Color is what affects the sense of space. Use colors like white, beige, light gray, light blue and other bright colors. Apply it to the bathroom's walls, floor, and ceiling. The white color, in particular, will catch the light and make the bathroom appear bright and spacious

2. Choose a glass shower door


For small bathrooms, it's good idea to use a glass shower door. It will help to create a sense of space. The glass door will transmit light, making the space less cramped with divided zones like this.

3. Or lift up the curtain


Instead of a shower door, you might prefer an affordable and easy curtain shower. Choose a white curtain and bring it up. You can install the curtain track higher, almost reaching the ceiling. This curtain will help to extend the wall and create the illusion of an airy space.

4. Add stylish walls


Wall treatments assist you in making your bathroom feel bigger. Aside from essential floating furniture, keep the walls from becoming overly ornate. Instead of piling more furniture against the walls, arrange the wall in large pattern with a clean look to open up the space.

5. Put a big mirror


Bathrooms mirrors are useful for creating the illusion of a large space. Mirror reflects light and make the room appear twice as spacious as it actually is. Choose a large mirror to install in the bathroom. Mirrors also help us dress up.

6. Let the light in


You're lucky if your small bathroom has a window. Minimize window treatments; if the bathroom is already white. The light from the window will make the room look bigger. Make sure the window uses a surface that still provides light and privacy for you.

7. Organize the bathroom functionally


Complementary accessories, such as hangers, will make the small bathroom feel crowded and cramped. It is bet not to add extra accessories to a small bathroom. Reduce the number of unnecessary items that make it look nice but feel cramped.

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