Avoid the Mistake of Growing Plants in Water

Avoid the Mistake of Growing Plants in Water

Homiful.com -- Plant propagation in water is widely practiced, even by novice ornamental plant enthusiast. Planting plants in water may appear to be a simple task at times. To avoid making these mistakes, try to anticipate what might happen. So that your plant remains healthy and thrive.

Laying directly in the sun


When dividing plants in water, keep the plant in direct sunlight. Avoid dark rooms as well. With partial lighting, you can place the plant on the windowsill.

Utilizing municipal water


You should not use chlorine-containing tap water to fill glass jars with aquatic plants. This water will burn the plant and damage its roots. As a result, it cannot absorb nutrients effectively. This tap water will also leaves stains in vases or jars, which can cause algae to grow.

Should use aquarium water


Instead of using tap water, aquarium water rich in nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and other microorganisms will help plants grow more lush and healthy.

Does not remove deposits or water spots


Water spots on the jar will detract from the aves's appearance, making it cloudy and difficult to clean.White vinegar can be used to remove water lines and stains. Rinse with hot soapy water, then dry with a clean cloth.

Not changing the water in a timely manner


It is critical to change the water on a regular basis in order to keep the jar clean dan to properly care for the plants in the water. A change in the color of the water can be harmful to the plant. This should be done every two weeks to keep the water clean.

Clean jars with detergent


Cleaning jars should be done on a regular basis. However, using detergent or liquid soap is one of the mistakes. Despite the fact that this method should be avoided because it will pollute the water where the plant grows. You can kill mold and stickly.

Use fertilizer!


Feed plants when you plant them in water. A small amount of fertilizer applied will make they lush and green.

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