How to Propagate Peace Lily Step by Step

How to Propagate Peace Lily Step by Step -- Peace lily is known as an ornamental plant or white spathe flower in the genus Spathiphyllum. Is the most popular and interesting ornamental plant to use in a home ornamental plant collection. It takes 3 to 5 years for peace lilies to mature.

Its dark green leaves and white flowers stand out. It requires proper care to grow. Simply dividing the plant form the parent plant allows you to market it. Learn more about propagating peace lilies step by step.

First, inspect the plants


To begin this propagation of peace lilies, separate healthy, older plants. If the plants are young, divide them into thirds, but they can be sold for more

Remove it from the heat


The mother plant family from the pot has gradually produced a large number of baby peace lilies. Plants that have grown more than one in a pot will usually have roots coming out of the bottom drainage like this. Shake the pot gently to encourage the plant to emerge.



For the plant to take the parent peer plant slowly. daffodils do not require a knife to trade with other plants. For successful propagation, the plant's crown must have at least two leaves and attached roots.

After that, examine several plants, including the parent plant, including the parent plant. Look for brown and loose roots in the roots, leaves, and loose leaf debris. Use a 4-inch replanting pot for the lily. Use a peat, perlite, or compost potting mix. When the soil is moist, there is no need to water again. When the soil is dry, it is sufficient.

A common issue that plagues peace lilies

Fungal infection


Plants grown in the dark are less likely to flower and are more susceptible to fungal disease like powdery mildew. This plant disease can be avoided by relocating it to a location with adequate light and watering it only at the soil line. Provide a function for restoring plant health.

Leaves wither and fall


The peace lily, like most other plants, has dead and fallen leaves. To keep their health from deteriorating, cut dead leaves. Do not allow the leaves to turn yellow or brown; if this occurs, immediately separate it from the other plants. 


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