Grow a Bushy Purple Shamrock Plant in Your Home -- Purple shamrock plants are the way to go, if you want to add a splash of purple color through the houseplants. This plant gives any home or garden off a deep purple hue.

Purple shamrock also has a lovely appearance, thanks to its butterfly-shapedleaves and tiny white flowers. It is not a drama queen plant, but taking the wrong steps will cause your shamrock plant to die. Get to know about how to grow a happy purple shamrock plant (Oxalis triangularis).

Soil requirement

Imagine having this lush purple shamrock at home. These plants look happy, and they will make you happy too.

Use the type of soil that purple shamrocks prefer. If there is too much moisture in the soil the roots are prone to rot. You can use loamy or sandy soil, but well-draining potting mix soil is also fine for this oxalis purple.

Light requirement

The purple oxalis type take less light than other green oxalis. You can put it in bright, indirect light. A spot near the window is a good location. Keep it away from too much hot afternoon sun (directly) as it will make the leaves scorch and eventually die. Don't place it in a dark place with minimal light; it can trigger root rot.

Proper watering

An easy sign of watering time is when the top inch of soil has dried. This plant hates underwatering or overwatering. Overwatering will lead to soft, mushy, and drooping leave. Underwatering may lead to crisp, drooping leaves. Water lightly once every few weeks as new growth emerge.

Feed the plant!

Purple shamrocks will grow happily and bushy with fertilization. You can use liquid or slow-release fertilizer during the growing period of the purple shamrock (during fall to spring. Fertilizer should be applied once a month. During the summer, it will go dormant, so reduce the frequency of watering and fertilizing.

Grow the flower

Your purple shamrock will be even more lovely with the tiny white flower cluster that appear. The flowers may be bloom in fall to spring. Just provide enough sun, moisture, water, and fertilizer to trigger the growth of its beautiful flowers. This plant like moderate level of humidity.

Purple shamrock problems

This plant is prone to drooping its leaves. It could be due to improper watering. Pest such as aphid infestations can cause the leaves to have annoying white spots as well as sun damage that cause white spots and crisping its leaves. Always check the health of this plant and treat it immediately if it looks sick.

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