Frangipani Plant Guide: Everything You Need To Know - Do you ever see the Frangipani flower? If you see closely at the Hawaiian necklace, you will see this Frangipani variety. The Frangipani flower evokes different emotions and is sometimes perfect as the last touch of some decoration, be it in a pool or bowls. 

This flower is also a favorite in Buddhist temples, and in South East Asia is commonly associated with demons and vampires. And here you can see about Frangipani Plant Guide: Everything You Need To Know. Let's check it out!

The Facts


Mostly, Frangipani grows as deciduous or semi-evergreen trees or shrubs. And they can thrive in full sun. If you wanna plant them, do it from spring to autumn. And the flower will bloom from summer to autumn. Besides growing them in the land at your yard, you can grow them in pots or containers for efficiency.

How to grow Frangipani


Grow Frangipani in the same depth and keep the mulches from touching the base. Their trunk is prone to fungal decay, particularly in cold, wet weather. You can use terracotta as a place to grow Frangipani. Terracotta has a good design that helps this flower to grow well. 

They are porous, which can help drainage while discouraging root rot. And terracotta can balance the Frangipani when they became top-heavy. This pot also warms in the sunshine and helps Frangipani succeed in temperate climates.

Care Frangipani trees


During the summer growing season, you can water Frangipani regularly. But, like usual, allow this plant to dry between watering and never saturate the soil. Place Frangipani in full sun and fertile, free-draining soil, sandy or sandy loam soils are ideal.



Frangipani flowers can enhance your yard into a gorgeous place. It is perfect for landscaping, be it a small or large area. Their flower also gives a good scent. And it will intensify at night.



Basal rot that occurs during wet weather can happen. It is because you do not prevent mulch from touching the base of Frangipani trunks.

Keep dry this plant during winter. Waterlogging quickly kills roots, especially in winter.

Frost kills shoot and damaged tissue can decay, leading to dieback. It's not fatal, but spoils appearances and reduces flowering. Cut back the affected stems to a healthy branch in spring after the threat of frost has passed.

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