Freshen Up Your Home with These Plant Decorating Ideas --  Many people want to bring plants into their home as living decorations. Yes, that is a good thing! Plants not only add freshness, but they also create a lively atmosphere while purifying the air. Decorating your home with plants is fun. That's why, we've put together interior design ideas with plants to help you along.

Check out these plant decorating ideas to freshen up your home.

Surrounding seats with plants


There's no better place to have plants than in your living room. Living rooms with bright, indirect sunlight favor some indoor plants, such as ferns, pothos, rubber plants and more. You can place them in such a unique planter as above. Hang a few to liven up the space. Feel free to bring in indoor trees to add a luxurious touch to your space.

Beautiful corner with plants


You can install a 3-tier floating shelf to beautifully display decorations and plants in the corner of the room. This gives the space a fresh, and well-organized look. You can also place potted plants near the seats, especially on the side that looks empty and awkward. The plants will fill it up perfectly.

A soothing introvert nook


Some people would rather read and care for their plants in their spare time than go out. Create the perfect nook for that. The nook feature a neat bookshelf, and then the ambience is enlivened with a variety of indoor plants hanging, displayed as a vertical garden, and some potted plants on top of the shelves.

Make the plant glow at night


The pothos plant can grow dangling or creeping. You can let them grow dangling on a dry wooden branches. The cascading leaves create a stunning look into the room. Set the mood by adding string lights around the plants to create the illusion of glowing pothos plants at night. 

Renew an outdated wall with plants


Is the paint in the wall faded? Flooraamelie left it that way, and it does add a distinct vintage look to the space. The worn wall was then used as a background for wall decorations, including plants. The room is also so vibrant with plants of different shapes and sizes.

Bedroom freshness


Place plants in the bedroom to add a dose of freshness. You can hang indoor plants to grow on a shelf on the upper wall. Bring in large-leafed plants to make it the main focus in the room. More plants on your balcony will give a you a fresh and pleasant look when you wake up.

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