7 Valuable-Looking Indoor Vining Plants

7 Valuable-Looking Indoor Vining Plants

Homiful.com -- The vines are an excellent option when selecting the ideal ornamental plants for the home. The types, forms, and colors of leaves on vines vary. You'll probably definitely enjoy using these lovely vines to decorate your home's interior and hang baskets from. This plant will undoubtedly give any place the feel of a tropical oasis.

Philodendron Micans


Philodendron are distinctive in that their leaves have a dark green look that is stunning against maroon. These philodendron micans need to be trained to grow upwards using trellises, but they are typically, but they are typically simple to care for. It can still be placed on a plant shelf as a hanging plant to create a tropical atmosphere.

Hoya compact


This hoya compacta, often known as wax leaf, thrives in bright light and infrequent watering. Although it grows a little more slowly than hoya carnosa, this plant has distinctive leaves that should be appreciated because they instantly give off a tropical vibe.

Mini monstera/ Raphidophora tetrasperma


If monstera deliciosa, which has slowly, thick, and huge leaves, is picked. For a houseplant that requires little care, this miniature monstera will appear entirely differently. Although much smaller than Monstera deliciosa, it is nevertheless quite attractive, add vines that climb on a trellis helped. Thus, it has a maximum height of 12 feet.



pothos is a beloved vine that requires little care and is regarded as a hardy plant. The plant grows rapidly if the required and predetermined watering conditions are neglected. It prefers indirect lighting, making any place acceptable for it. But bear in mind that pets should not be around this plant.

String of heart


Many people adore this creeping succulent shrub since it has a smooth propagation and grows as little leaves. The plant is perfect for hanging baskets and prefers light area. Water should only be placed between dry soil since too-wet soil is not at all preferable.

Monstera peru


A unique growing monstera type is distinguished by amazing-looking embossed leaves. Monstera peru is hard to find and contains easy-to-care-for plants that thrive in the correct conditions with indirect light. It can grow to a height of 10 feet and is poisonous to animals.

Brazilian Philodendron


The brazilian philodendron, one of the most popular and widely-owned ornamental plants, comes next. Because to the appealing hue of the leaves and ease of growth, this variety is much sought after. Whether positioned between shelves or in hanging baskets, the plant looks lovely, Like a pothos, with indirect illumination and promised watering.

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