7 Best Indoor Plants in 2023

7 Best Indoor Plants in 2023

Homiful.com -- Any houseplant has the ability to alter the appearance of the home and improve the situation in the room. It can improve mood and give the mind a new perspective. The best plants to have this year are easy to find, require little care, and will serve as the best decoration for the entire room.

Dracaena limelight


Dracaena limelight is an option for this low-maintenance house plant. You can put very easy care, thrive, and adaptable plants in the room. Has bright lime color green leaves and unbranched stems that can grow up to 50 feet tall. The world 'adapting' refers to the process of adapting to a new environment.

Peace lily


The peace lily is a plant that represents peace, purity, and sympathy. Beautiful white flowers can be enjoyed as much as possible. This plant will bloom twice a year if properly cared for. Keep the soil moist and water it as it withers.

Pachira aquatica


The money tree is the best house plant for brining this good fortune. It is best to include plants that grow well indoors to attract wealth and luck. Only monthly fertilization, proper pruning, and regular watering are required.

ZZ plant


This drought-tolerant plant has waxy oval-shaped leaves and is hardy. Grows well in all light conditions except direct sunlight. This zz plant produces more plants through simple rhizome division.

Monstera deliciosa


Monstera are the best large size and giant-like plants to look out for in 2023. Plants native to the Central American rainforest that can live in cities require special care. I prefer the bright indirect sunlight. Elegant plants that can grow up to 2.5 feet tall from the pot's base.

Cast iron


Cast iron is perennial and hardy plant that is difficult to kill and grows best in low light. With low lighting, the plants has sword-like, shiny, dark green leaves. Light and moderate watering is required for proper care.

Silver pothos


It is a small breeding plant that could be used. This silver pothos, also known as satin pothos, has silver ash speckled heart-shaped leaves and grows quickly. Will look lovely as a hanging plant and will thrive in bright light. Keep the soil moist with a 2-inch watering and keep it out of direct sunlight to keep it growing.

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