How to Plant Beautiful Sweet Pea Flowers - Sweet Pea or Lathyrus odoratus is a beautiful flower for cutting and perfect for the bouquet. With the rich color of flowers, it will enliven your home and garden. The delicate flower features a slightly folded petal that resembles a butterfly's wings surrounding smaller petals that also flutter gracefully in the breeze. So, to know more, see How to Plant Beautiful Sweet Pea Flowers. Check it out!

Where plant Sweet Pea?


Thrive in full sun, Sweet peas can grow in raised beds for good growth. If you plant outdoors, you can place them in a garden area with direct sunlight. Or grow these flowers climbing on the railing or fence area for stunning decoration.

When is the right time to plant this beautiful flower?


Actually, Sweet Peas like cool roots and cool temperatures, even though they can thrive in direct sunlight. So, you can plant them in early spring. But, for very warm areas, you can begin to plant these flowers in the fall and grow through the winter and early spring.

About growing Sweet Pea


To be known, Sweet Peas can plant from seed and sown directly in the ground. This flower will go quickly with the seed if the soil is allowed to dry out. Water deeply in the morning once a week, or as needed depending on the conditions.

Most common mistakes


While growing Sweet Pea, many people do these mistakes. There are:

  • Waiting to plant the Sweet Pea in mid-summer. Sweet Pea doesn't like heat, you know?
  • Grow the Sweet Peas close to each other. It makes reduce the flower count.
  • Not give providing support for the Sweet Pea. Sweet Peas grow climbing even if you plant them on the ground. So, give trellis or branches or moss to support them in growing up.
  • Not paying attention to the soil. Like other plants, you must get attention to the soil for growing best. Add fertilizer or compost to make Sweet Pea grow healthy and stunning.

Growing tips


Here we share with you the common of growing Sweet Pea:

  • Keep the soil of Sweet Pea in moist condition.
  • Grow them in cool outside
  • Although prefer direct sun, they also tolerate a bit of shade.

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