Six Houseplants To Grow On A Windowsill - Although you live in a small or large house, you can put houseplants to get fresh in the indoor area. And it also gives more benefits for your air quality and increases the health of dwellers. Here we compile some ideas about Six Houseplants To Grow On A Windowsill. Check it out!



Native to South African woodland, Streptocarpus is a houseplant with beautiful flowers that can grow in the windowsill area. This houseplant can thrive in low light levels, including dappled shade. 

Put them in an area with bright light but avoid too much sun. And get an ideal place by putting on a north or west-facing windowsill.

Succulents and Cacti


Include easy maintaining houseplant, you can grow succulents and cacti on a windowsill. They are slow growing and tolerate a range of light levels. Most of them just need very little watering. And you can plant them in a terrarium with glass material for a beautiful houseplant design at indoors.



Has beautiful and colorful flowers, you can grow Pelargonium outdoors while the summer and move indoors while the winter. Put them near the windowsill area with full sun to make this houseplant feel happy.

Venus fly trap


Native to its subtropical habitat, the Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) is perfect to place in a humid spot like a bathroom. But you also can grow them on a windowsill full of sun. Grow in peat-free ericaceous compost and water with rainwater for efficiency and grow well.



Monstera houseplants also can grow near or on the windowsill. You can put Monstera obliqua which has smaller leaves on the windowsill. And Monstera deliciosa with large leaves on the floor near the windowsill. Grow this Monstera in the right spot out of direct sunlight. And they also do best in humid environments.

Pilea peperomioides


Pilea peperomioides are perfect to grow around the windowsill. They tolerate lower light levels and although the leaves become darker. This low-growing houseplant has attractive and fleshy leaves. And you can bring them to your office for pretty and give elegant vibes.

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