7 Colourful Houseplants that Add Mood and Brightness to Any Space


7 Colourful Houseplants that Add Mood and Brightness to Any Space

Homiful.com -- We definitely need good wishes and a new spirit for 2023. Choose ornamental plants for your home is the best way to increase productivity, creativity, and provide good luck and prosperity. It is obvious that using ornamental plants as decoration will make the room more beautiful. However, the other side of the coin can have an effect on the room that can clean the air of harmful pollutants. As a result, learn about 7 plants that will brighten your space and improve your mood.

Pothos balticus


Pothos is the easiest houseplant for beginners. This variety will be a living room decoration that provides bluish-green accents and elongated growth. This is a baltic blue pothos variety that grows as a room plant and prefers bright indirect light.



Stromanthe is a lovely calathea variety with pinkish orange pastel colors. This plant prefers moderate sunlight and has a lovely combination of pink, green, and cream colors.



This anthurium, with its striking, long-lasting red color, will require regular watering to remain attractive and fresh. The lovely leaf and spathe color combination is ideal for filling any space.

Alocasia Silver Dragon


This silver dragon alocasia will look very elegant in a collection of ornamental plants at home, with thick green leaves overlaid with silver. Indoors, with moderate humidity, proper watering, and moderate lighting, it grows very well.

Echeveria "Pink Frills"


Interior designers love echeveria pink frills because of its dense, rose-shaped leaves. Ideal for birthday, wedding, or housewarming presents. It prefers bright light and should be watered only when the soil is dry.



Geogenanthus may appear dominant due to its dark, purplish, and blackish colors. However, it is ideal for a clean, bright, and colorful environment. This plant prefers average  humidity, making it an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms where the air is a little humid.

Philodendron moonlight


The lacy, cut leaves of moonlight philodendron are a brilliant green color.  This plant grows almost anywhere and is useful as a room decoration. This plant tolerates low light, thrives in medium to high light, and requires only occasional watering when the soil is dry.

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