7 Silver and Blue Home Decor Ideas

Homiful.com -- There's something luxurious and classy about the combination of silver and blue. It effortlessly elevates any interior setting. A great color combo for either a small house or a large house. Silver and blue home decor will add a charming and colorful style to the interior design. Giving you more ideas, keep reading for 7 silver and blue home decor ideas.

1. Gorgeous living room with blues and silver

Citrineliving by Tamara Anka

This living room's design is inspired by blue and silver Christmas decorations. However, simply bringing the Christmas tree to the warehouse will result in a stunning and classy living room. The blue of the soft furnishings contrast with the silver, gray, and a bit of gold accents throughout the room.

2. Sophisticated silver-blue bedroom


Take your private space to the next level. Don's hesitate to take on a space with metallic silver dominance in the bedroom. It gives off a sophisticated look. It gets even better with chairs and soft throws in navy blue to enhance the bedroom look.

3. Alluring blue and silver ornaments


If you love a home with a shade of blue, consider filling the side of table with matching ornaments. You can bring blue hydrangea flowers in a transparent vase. These blue flowers complement the silver tray and silver bird ornaments perfectly.

 4. Display your pottery

Citrineliving by Tamara Anka
Blue-and-white pottery is truly extraordinary. Artsy patterns and a high-end glossy finish will elevate your display to the next level. A simple display rack transformed into a stunning jewelry display at home when combined this kind of pottery with silver, white, and glass accessories.

5. Blue and silver for the exterior

Blue and silvery aren't just good for interiors. You can think about it for the house's exterior. Choose a silvery floor with a lively geometric pattern. Use blue as an accent color on exterior wall paint or decorative items.

6. Simple blue and silver for a simple home


Simple houses can use a combo of silver and blue. It can be done in a minimalistic manner to avoid overdoing it. You can paint the center wall blue and then add silver TV backdrop or wall clock. Blue will make an excellent backdrop for silver ornaments.

7. Silver and blue on soft furnishings


Bringing the blue and silver decor style into your home can be done easily. You can apply it to the soft furnishings in the room. As in the picture above. Blue and silver on the rug and curtains enhance this not-so spacious living room.


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