7 Mind-Blowing Pink Houseplants to Love

7 Mind-Blowing Pink Houseplants to Love

Homiful.com -- When you are about to begin decorating or designing a beautiful home, don't forget to include plants with green leaves. However, the green color will be interior to the simple red ornamental plants that evoke feelings of peaves, harmony, calm, and love. If you don't read this post, you'll miss out on the most recent information on the best pink ornamental plants that you must have from now on.

Hoya Carnosa Tricolor

Hoya carnosa tricolor is a waxy plant with slender stems covered in long, thick foliage that is refreshingly glossy. This plant is exactly what it looks like, with small pink leaves that are very beautiful. It is popular as a sweet-scented ornamental plant. It is simple to maintain and has an effective air purifying function.

Tradescantia Pallida Pink Stripe

This popular trailing plant variety has easy red flowers with bright and surprising colors. Tradescantia is a perennial plant with beautiful and striking leaves in a green and pink mixture.

Caladium Pink Beauty

Caladium is a plant that grows quickly and spreads widely without the use of intermediaries. Caladium pink beauty has dark pink veins and green leaves with a pink tinge. it is ideal for use as a plant bed or large container in the garden.


The ornamental plant iresine has deep red leaves and stems. It is a tropical American floral plant. This plant looks great with its oval-shaped leaves and adorable green color. When used as an ornamental plant, this plant will not grow tall. It is considered very simple for beginners and grows well in neglect.

Strobilanthes Dyerianus

Is a shrub that can reach a height of 1 meter and a width of 0.5 meter. It grows well in any room and has a very attractive variety of leaves such as purple, green, silver, almost purple magenta pink. This plant is ideal for use as a bedding plant to line the borders and corners of your home's landscaping.

Iresine Herbstii Acuminata

This perennial cultivar "Iresine Herbstii" originated in Brazil and has brownish purple foliage with pink veins. This plant is quite lovely, with small flowers and a wide oval leaf shape. This plant is suitable for use as an ornamental plant in the home or in the greenhouse.


Syngonium neon robusta, one of the varieties with beautiful easy red leaves, has arrow-shaped leaves like other types with easy maintenance. This plant can also be propagated by cutting the stems and planting it in the ground.

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