How To Care Moon Valley Pilea (Pilea Mollis) - Native to Central and South America, Moon Valley Pilea, or can call with Pilea Mollis is a beautiful plant that is suitable to enhance your home and garden. This name was inspired by the deeply dimpled leaves that were thought to look like the craters and valleys on the moon. And here we compile How To Care Moon Valley Pilea (Pilea Mollis). Check it out!

Information about Moon Valley Pilea


Pilea Mollis relatively grow small and never reach more than 12 inches in height. And it is also suitable to put them around the windowsill, tabletops, or other small spaces. 

The leave of this plant can grow about 2 inches in length. The leaves are also bushy in nature and typically a bright yellow-green with dark copper veins.



Place Moon Valley Pilea at the bright indirect light for best growth. And they also tolerate medium light to thrive. Just don't put them in an area of intense direct light, it will make scorch the leaves.



Like most of the plants, watering Moon Valley Pilea when the soil begins to dry out. But you must keep the soil moist. And you can water them once or twice a week.



Pile Mollis tolerate average home humidity. And they also prefer high humidity to survive.



It can grow in average home humidity and temperature, and you can easily place the Pilea Mollis indoors. The temperature can range from 65 to 75 degrees F. If you get comfortable with the temperature, this plant also feels comfortable too.

Common issues


Commonly, Moon Valley Pilea gets issues with wilting. It can cause by the underwatered. And for the second issue, the leaves get gray browning. It is because they have too cold or too little light conditions.



Moon Valley Pilea is not known to be toxic, and you must be careful about placing this plant at home. Keep this houseplant out of reach of small kids and pets for the best option and safety.

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