7 Best Plants for Good Fortune in 2023

7 Best Plants for Good Fortune in 2023

Homiful.com -- We anticipate good things for each year. It must also be balanced with serious effort and total faith in God. However, you can believe in a variety of things, including plants, which can bring good luck, increase productivity, and provide a sense of calm.

Plants should be placed in the home or workplace to reduce pollutants in the air and clean the air to the greatest extent possible. Here are the plants you'll require.



Lavender is  a fragrant type of herbal and aromatic plant. You can attract good luck by placing lavender near the door. This plant is thought to remove negativity, calm the mind, and improve sleep.

Pachira Aquatica


The most common plant that always bring good luck and is thought to attract wealth is also very attractive as a corner decoration. This plant can be placed in a universal corner of the room to find a wealth corner.

Adenium Obesum


For Chinese spring, adenium is a lucky plant. Which is thought to bring prosperity and fertility. This red flowering plant, also known as desert roses, is native to Africa and the Middle East. This tropical plant is very strong and can be used in any room.

Rubber tree


According to Feng Shui, ficus elastica can attract wealthy, luck, and prosperity. This tropical plant has distinctive round leaves that are considered a symbol of prosperity.

Citrus tree


The citrus tree is a popular plant that requires special care and is grown in a container. Lemons and limes are the best varieties to grown in a pot for years. This plant is considered lucky, especially because of its round and golden oranges, which resemble wealth coins. This tree is frequently given as a gift during the Chinese Spring Festival.

Holy Basil/Ocimum Sanctum


This plant, also known as basil, is well-known for its healing and disease-controlling properties. It is purifying, eliminates negative energy, kills bacteria, and promotes positivity.

Snake plant


Sansevieria is a plant that is both easy to grow and difficult to kill. This plant is also thought to bring good luck because it can absorb toxins from the air and cleanse the body of various pollutants. The distinct yellow-green and pointed leaf shaped will last in any setting.

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