7 Different Varieties of Snake Plants to Grow Indoors

Helloshabby.com --  It's always fun to talk about snake plants. That plant of a million people. A very forgiving indoor plant. Forgiving, even preferring neglect to extra care. Moreover, there are at least 70 different types of snake plants / Sansevieria. Each has its own foliage beauty, but you should at know 7 different varieties of snake plants to grow indoors.

1. Sansevieria Trifasciata


You may call it Sansevieria trifasciata or Dracaena trifasciata. It is a common houseplant that is easy to find and grow at home. It has sword-like green leaves that grow upright and stiff. The leaves are dark green in color with yellow leaf sides, creating a striking contrast.

2. Sansevieria Moonshine


As the name suggest, the Moonshine variety gives you leaves with a blush-green sheen, juts like the glow of the moon. Make sure not to overwater and keep the leaves dry to prevent rotting. This plant does well in bright light, and you can give it a few hours of direct sunlight. However, Sansevieria Moonshine will survive in low light.

3. Sansevieria 'Golden Hahnii''


Sansevieria trifasciata 'Golden Hahnii' is a compact version of the sansevieria/dracaena varieties. It has glossy green foliage with creamy-yellow margins. Great for growing in a smaller pots or in a Kokedama style like this. A low maintenance and drough-resostant plant suitable for beginners.

4. Sansevieria Masoniana


Sansevieria Masoniana has a popular name as Whale fin snake plants. Snake plant varieties that grow with a single or two large leaves. General snake plant care applies to Masoniana. Having it will add a unique collection of Sansevieria at home. Water only when the top soil is completely dried out.

5. Sansevieria Gracilis


Sansevieria gracilis will give your indoors a one-of-kind look. Unlike other snake plants, the Gracilis variety has long, thick, sword-like foliage with pointed tips. This snake plant capable of producing fragrant white flowers. It is a hardy plant for USDA Zones 9-11. The plant is pest-free and drought-tolerant too.

6. Sansevieria Patens


Sansevieria Patens is a type of snake plant with an arching cylindrical shape. It has typical thick-cylindrical leaves, but with a rosette leaf arrangement. The leaves have light and dark green variations with long vertical grooves. Place this snake plant in moderately bright or filtered light, such as a sunny window with a sheer curtain. 

7. Sansevieria Kirkii


Sansevieria kirkii has typical snake plant leaves but with a sleek shape. It will be a fantastic addition to your home. This plant prefer well-drainage soil and watering until the water comes out of the drainage holes. The plant is not a drama queen and thrives in the house's humidity.

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