Auspicious Plants for Chinese New Year - Get the euphoria of celebrating Chinese New Year. You can prepare delicious food, decorate your home, prepare parties, gifts, and more. And also can place plants at home or your office to make your Chinese New Year feel alive and special. Look at these Auspicious Plants for Chinese New Year. Check it out!



Part of the same family as the pineapple plant, Bromeliad is perfect to decorate your home as an auspicious plant for the Chinese New Year. This lucky plant symbolizes good fortune arriving. 

They have a bright coloring that can survive in medium to bright light near the window. Make sure to leave the soil relatively dry to avoid root rot.

Calamondin Orange tree


Giving citrus, kumquats, calamondin orange, or more what they called, is identical and a must in Chinese New Year. You can make the fruit or tree as a gift to your family or friends. 

The word 'orange' can also sound like 'wealth' in the Chinese word. And it can mean a good luck token for a fruitful and abundant year.



Bonsai is a plant that shapes like a miniature for the elegant and unique. Put Bonsai at your house or office, and it will give amazing look all year, especially during Chinese New Year. Care the Bonsai by watering weekly, when the top inch of soil is dry. You can also place Bonsai in indirect light, such as a south-facing window.

Anthurium (Flamingo flower)


This amazing plant also symbolizes good fortune and prosperity during the Chinese New Year. With glossy features, Anthurium can help keep the air clean by filtering out ammonia, formaldehyde, and xylene. Put this plant in bright sunlight, but keep it indirect so as not to scorch the leaves.

Jade plant (Crassula ovata)


Can bring good fortune, luck, and wealth, jade plant is suitable to decorate your home all year, especially during Chinese New Year. This succulent is easy to care for and can survive in full sun with at least 4 hours of light.



Orchids are also popular during Chinese New Year. Because they symbolize fertility and abundance in the coming year. Orchids can call with elegant flowers that come in a variety of gorgeous pots, everything from rustic to luxury to fit any decor. 

Get care of the Orchid by thoroughly watering the bark medium in the pot, letting the water run through the holes at the bottom. And you also can keep the Orchid in bright, indirect light and away from drafts.

Lucky bamboo


Like the name, this plant can bring luck during the New Year and beyond. And be known, Lucky Bamboo is not part of the bamboo family, but the Dracaena. This plant is also easy to care for. 

While growing in water media, get simply refresh the water every week and make sure the root area is covered. And if grown in soil media, they will need to be watered when the top inch of soil is getting dry to the touch. Keep the Lucky Bamboo out of direct sunlight.

Pilea peperomioides


Also known as Money Plant because this indoor plant has leaves with round coin shapes. Pilea is also perfect to decorate your home or office, especially during the Chinese New Year believed to bring prosperity. 

This houseplant needs bright indirect light and love with morning sunshine. Water them thoroughly and then left until the soil is dry before doing another watering.

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