Bunk Bed Designs Your Child Will Love

Homiful.com -- Surprise your kids. They will definitely be super happy to have a bedroom with a bunk bed in it. Kids tend to love the idea of a bunk bedroom. It's not only a space-saving idea; the activity of getting on an off the bunk bed is exciting for them.

You do need to invest time, money, and effort to come up with a bunk bed design. However, it will be worth it for your child's happiness. Here are the bunk bed designs your child will love.

Refined design with pleasant colors

There's no reason not to have a fun and functional bedroom for your little one. Even if you only have a small square-footage. Just make a bunk bed there. Use the upper part as a bed and the lower part as a study section. The pastel colors used on the drawers and wall paintings brighten up the bedroom.

Design that boosts creativity

This bunk bed is intended for those of you who are concerned about the bedroom being on the upper level. The lower section contains sleeping area and relaxing nooks. Meanwhile, the upper level is for your child to play with.

The mint green colors and cartoon paintings on the walls keep the bedroom design attractive. You can also invite your children to decorate their bedroom walls together.

Wooden bunk bed ideas for teens

Teenage bedrooms are different from children's bedrooms. Some teens may already know their style preference. It's a good idea to choose a large bunk bed for your teen's bedroom. Using the wooden material to give a warm and cozy atmosphere. The upper space can be used for personal purposes such as project study or hobbies.

Design that emphasizes safety and comfort

A bunk bed design is not only appropriate for small spaces. Consider the safety and comfort factors. If necessary, raise the ceiling to make the bedroom less cramped. Install railings on the upper level till it touch the ceiling to provide maximum security for your child when being on the upper level.

Streamlined yet elegant design

This streamlined bunk bed design is great for condos or apartments. Make good use of vertical space, it can have double beds, either in the lower and upper part. Decorative touches come in simply but with impact. It's as simple as adding a hexagonal-patterned rug in three different colors to add a warm and colorful touch.

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