7 Cool Ideas to Easily Make DIY Planter Hacks


7 Cool Ideas to Easily Make DIY Planter Hacks

Homiful.com -- You can pass your free time by creating your own garden hacks. In addition, this approach has a lot of advantages that can sharpen creative patterns and occupy downtime with kids. It will be simple to create planting ideas with homemade hacks. Check out the creative uses for a variety of used items below:

Phony cement


This pothos planter has a very distinctive shape. This planter looks extraordinary when filled with faux cement and painter inadvertently. A simple cement planter with decorative brick accents on the exterior. For the ideal appearance, use terracotta colors.

Circular container basket


To store any kind of plant, this is the ideal DIY planter idea. For the purpose of decorating the room table, this rattan planter will make the outside look amazing. However, the boston fern is best because it will emphasize the tropical them the most.

Paint cans and fabric scraps


As a true gardener, you can transform this amazing planter idea into an amazing creative decoration even if you're using trashed items. The color of the worn-out and ugly containers is covered with planting from wooden pots and used fabric.

DIY ice cream container planter


This is very straightforward planter made out of an abandoned ice cream container. Moreover, give out masking tape, ice cream sticks, and a wooden alphabet. Continue selecting a suitable and ruable pot container, construct the mode as instructed, and this will be a fun DIY project.

Vintage aluminum cups


Turn the appearance of aluminum mugs in your home into a practical planting concept. Use acrylic paint to add floral accents to the mug's exterior, and to give it a fresh look, repaint it a dark blue color. Put appropriate vines inside that can placed on the balcony area.

Painting plants with acrylic


This clay pot has distinctive exterior accents that are the result of acrylic paint, which seems more distinctive. Projects involving indoors planting look fantastic with monokrom and terracotta accents. This would be ideal for a console table or living room table.



This incredible succulent planter idea uses a rotten piece of cedar wood. To use it as a planter, bake it first to destroy termites and insects. For hanging succulents like burros tail, sedum or air plant. This DIY project would be intriguing.

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