Amazing Houseplants That Love to Grow in Water -- There are lots of fun things to do with plants. They will bring you great pleasure and benefits. Plants help to improve air quality and enhance your indoor setting.

If you are interested in multiply plants at home, consider water propagation methods. It's an easy and fun way to propagate soil without soil. Just take a cutting of a plant and stick it in water until the roots grow. Let's find out about some amazing houseplants that love to grow in water.

The Exotic Croton 

Are you interested in your neighbor's or relative croton plants? You can grow it at home. Ask for mature, tough pieces of leaves with stems for you to grow roots in water.

It's quite easy. You just need to place a 6-to 12-inch stems of a mature croton in vessel with clean water. Change the water regularly and keep it in an area with indirect light. Within 4 weeks, the croton cuttings will grow roots underwater. You can keep it in water or planting it in soil.

Fiddle leaf fig

Ficus lyarata or fiddle leaf fig, is an evergreen plant with beautiful broad leaves. These plants easily become living accents in a room. Luckily, multiplying this plant is also not difficult.

You only need healthy, mature leaf pieces with petiole tips. Let the leaf stalk develop roots in the water. Place in a clear, water-filled jar in a warm, bright spot away from direct sunlight.


Succulents are plants that are often propagated by water propagation. Grow its roots from a cutting by placing it in a container filled with clean water. Change the water frequently to prevent algae growth and keep the water clear. After three to four weeks, the roots will begin to grow. 

Snake plants

This popular houseplant also loves to grow its roots in water. Pick mature and healthy leaf pieces of snake plant/sanseviera. Leave the leaf tips submerged in enough water to cover the bottom of tissue. Change the water regularly and place it in a bright, indirect light.

Growing snake plants in water promoted not only root growth but also pups (baby sansevieria). Once you have strong roots or healthy pups, you can plant them in the soil.

Hyacinth flower

It's time to grow flowering plants indoors. Go with hyacinths. When grown in a special glass jar or transparent bowl filled with clean water, hyacinth is also possible to bloom. Make sure the bulb is partially submerged in water to develop roots. Place it in a cool, dark spot and with at least 6 weeks to see the mass roots and green shoots to grow.


Tropical plants such as monstera, pothos, and philodendron have a much better chance of growing roots in water. These plants can also grow new leaf buds as well as roots. Grow them in a container filled with clear water. If necessary, you can add liquid fertilizer to encourage growth in the water.

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