4 Easy Ways to Propagate Snake Plant

4 Easy Ways to Propagate Snake Plant

Homiful.com -- Sansevieria is a popular and easy-to-care-for ornamental plant. This plant, also known as a dracaena, includes several species with stunning colors and sword-shaped leaves. This plant is native to West Africa, but it has spread throughout the world. It is low maintenance, can be grown in low light environments, and requires schedule watering.

Propagating the snake plant is simple and can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Plants that become window-sill decorations can be propagated using stem cuttings.

Child spread snake plant


This is the simplest way to care for dracaena. This plant can be grown from a child that has appeared at the base of the main plant. Allow the child plants that have been cut for  24 hours before replanting them in the pot. Place in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight.

Plant distribution of snake plant


The easiest way to grow snake plants is to propagate them. Separate from the soil and cut off the grassy plants for plants that have been removed from the pot. Allow 24 hours before replanting these cuttings in new pots.

Propagation of water


Snake plants, like other types or ornamental plant, can be propagated through leaf cuttings. And this methods is simple and accessible to anyone. Cut the leaves into new 2 - 3 inch long pieces. It could take less time to grow stone roots. Place the plant leaves in a jar of water. Place it on a sunny windowsill with adequate lighting. To prevent algae growth, make sure to change the plant's water.

Cutting propagation in the ground


Snake plants can be propagated by inserting cuttings into the ground. Cut the leaves a few inches long and place them in a pot of soil. Cover the entire leaf with the cut side facing the ground. Water on a regular basis and provide adequate lighting.

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