6 Plants that Glow in the Dark that I LOVE


6 Plants that Glow in the Dark that I LOVE

Homiful.com -- Plants are an essential component of life that cannot be separated. For lovers of ornamental plants, selecting the type of ornamental plants is an important consideration that should not be taken lightly. Because plants that require a lot care will undoubtedly be difficult for beginners. As a result, this review will include a section for those of you looking for ornamental plants that glow in the dark.

Rex Begonia


The rex begonia is a well-known tropical plant with an eye-catching color and shape. This plant was created using a hbring plant from with an unusual pattern. This plant requires maintenance due to its small size and easy red flowers. Because of its eye-catching color, it is ideal for rooms with low lighting.



The next plant is a bush that can grow into a tree. The stems of this  plant are soft and branched. The color of the ripe leaves will mix with a brown color to create a very beautiful purplish color.



Croton, also known as a variegated foliage plant, is an easy houseplant to grow. This tropical plant from Central Asia grows as a shrub up to 10 feet tall in the wild. Because of its bright yellow, green, and pink leaves, you can even move it indoors to attract the eye and make your eyes wide open. 

Philodendron Red Diamond


The philodendron family includes this colorful plant with bold reds and dark greens and red stems. To avoid saturation, place plants that do not tolerate low light and avoid direct sunlight in the house. Beautiful color requires proper care to maintain.

Caladium Thai Beauty


This plant, which has been used as an ornamental plant, belongs to the group of taro plants with beautiful shapes. This batik tarok is commonly known as Caladium Thai Beauty, and its appeal stems from the color of the leaves, which are pink, green, and have heart-shaped curves.

Alocasia Amazonia


Alocasia is a fast-growing Rhizomatus plant with large, veined leaves. This eye-catching tropical leaf is shaped like a distinctive arrow. Can be grown indoors or outdoors with reasonable care.

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