Best Indoor Plant That Thrive in Water -- Caring for indoor plants is fun. You will get a lot of benefit from it. The air in the room become healthier and fresher, not to mention the empty corners or tables become better with indoor plants. If you live in an apartment or want to take care of plants with easy care, you can choose the option of plants in water without soil media. Take a look at these Best Indoor Plant That Thrive in Water.

Spider Plant


Spider plant (Chlorophtym comosum) are one of those plants that you can keep in water for a long time. Over time, it will grow and give beautiful roots in the water. You not only get lush green and white leaves, but you can also see and enjoy the fresh lush roots. Change the water once every 5-7 days to keep them happy in water. 

Monstera adansonii


Monstera adansonii is an adaptable indoor plant that is easy to grow. They can even still thrive in water like this. Just put them in a unique vessel to give a stylish and sophisticated look. Give them fresh water and change the water every 3-5 days. They love to be placed on a spot with bright, indirect light.



Purslane pr Portulaca oleracea is an annual succulent up to 40 cm in height. They are better known as green, leafy vegetables which can be eaten raw or cooked. You can use the water propagation method to reproduce it. Cut the stems and leaves from the main plant, clean them of any dirt. Then, let it grow its roots in the water. In 15 days, you'll get purslane that is fresh and ready for planting.

Sedum Burrito


Some succulents can grow and propagate in water. One of them is the sedum burrito. Sedum burrito, the donkey tail or burro's tail, has trailing stems with fleshy blue-green leaves and pink flowers in summer. They love well drained soil type, but you can start propagate it in water.

Peace Lily


Peace lily is a popular plant to grow in water. They can survive 1 year in water. Maintenance is also easy, you don't have to get dirty with the soil. Place them in a glass jar or vessel. Change the water once every 2 weeks and feed the peace lily with liquid fertilizer once every 2 weeks too.

Devil's ivy


Devil's ivy or pothos or philodendron plants are green plants that can grow in water. They can grow strong roots in water for further planting in the soil media they like. Put them in a glass jar, vase or bottle for a stunning look. Give them liquid fertilizer to keep them grow happily.


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