8 Awesome Houseplants that Grow from Division

Homiful.com -- Do you want to increase the number of plants in your home and garden? You can do it quickly and easily without breaking the bank. You can multiply these plants by dividing them. It doesn't hurt the plants, and it makes you have more of them. You can even give one of your plant propagation to a friend or family member. Here are 8 awesome houseplants that grow from division.

1. Peace lily


The peace lily is a lovely plant that everyone adores. This plant has a refreshing and calming effect. Luckily, peace lilies are easily propagated by division. Choose a peace lily that's big enough and bushy. Separate slowly without damaging the stem. Each division should have healthy leaves and roots. Replant it in the potting soil and let it grow.

2. Aloe vera


As long as it grows, aloe vera will produce pups (aloe plant babies). You can separate the mother aloe vera from its pup. The pups should be at least one-fifth the size of the parent plant. With a sharp knife, remove the pup from the parent plant and cleaning off any remaining soil. Then, plant the pup in the potting soil. 

3. Snake plants


There are many ways to propagate snake plants, or Sanseveiria. Snake plant can produce snake plant pups through water propagation. Before planting, separate the snake plant pups from the leaf cuttings and allow the plants to grow roots.

4. Spider plants


Plants that produce pups, or baby plants, are easier to propagate by division. One of the best is the spider plant. The plant produces baby spider plants (spiderettes). You can separate the baby spider plant from its parent. Plant the pups in new soil media. You can also hang it as beautiful as this.

5. Caladium


You can grow this beautiful plant from separation or division. Separate the tubers in spring before planting. Cut the tube in one eye or knob. Let the cuttings dry for a few days to callous over before planting.

6. Asparagus fern


Asparagus fern will give you fresh and healthy air. This plant can be propagated by seed or division. Divide the asparagus fern into smaller pieces. It is best to divide them in the spring when repotting. Split the rootball into two or more section. Plant it back in each pot.

7. Areca palm


Areca palm is a powerful plant for purifying indoor air. This plant can be multiplied through division. Cut an offshoot from the plant's base and you'll have a new plant ready to go in a new pot.

8. Begonia


Dividing begonias or saintpaulia is an easy way to propagate these beautiful plants. Separate suckers or pups from plants. Grow it in separate pots. You can simply dip the bottom 1/3 of the stem into growing soil.

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