7 Fragrance Flowers To Fill Your Bedroom with Natural Scents

 Homiful.com - Adding beautiful houseplants at home maybe can make you feel good. Besides the beauty, you can add fragrance plants or flowers that can make you feel relaxed and comfortable to stay. Here we will show you about 7 Fragrance Flowers To Fill Your Bedroom with Natural Scents. Check it out!



Eucalyptus is a houseplant that is fast-growing and suitable to decorate indoors.  This houseplant has brightly lit spots that offer blue-gray foliage. Eucalyptus also has a distinct aroma when you rub it. And it's the perfect place in your bedroom for its fragrance and beautiful appearance.

Jasmine flower


One of the popular flowers with their fragrance makes Jasmine perfect to grow indoors, especially in your bedroom area. They offer clean and gorgeous white flowers in small sizes, but the fragrant can fill your room area.

Lemon tree or citrus tree


Citrus or lemon tree can include houseplants and fruits. They produce delicious fruits that you can eat and enjoy. And this houseplant is also suitable for your bedroom or indoors to increase its look and make your room have fresh fragrance. 

Provide enough light, keep the soil moist, and put it in a place with high humidity (60-65 degrees F) for best growth.

Rose flower


Rose is a popular flower because of their appearance and fragrance. Most people use this flower to show their love, passion, and others. You can grow roses in an indoor or bedroom area for a fabulous look and fragrance.

Peace lily


Often discussed, Peace Lily is a houseplant that is popular and perfect to place in an indoor area. They have a calm look with their green foliage and stunning flowers

Besides then, Peace Lily is also suitable to place in the bedroom and give you more benefit, like filtering out harmful benzene trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde toxins.

Laurus nobilis (Bay laurel)


Include shrub, Bay laurel or sweet laurel is a slow-growing houseplant. They show shiny green leaves with a savory and herbal scent. Besides put in the bedroom area or other indoors, you can use them for seasoning in cook. Like utilizing the leaves for soups, stews, and others.

Lavender (Lavandula)


Lavender or Lavandula commonly use for various fragrances. Be it floor cleaner, perfume, soap, and more. You can grow this houseplant nicely to get its fragrance. Besides offering the look and fragrance, Lavender also helps to reduce stress levels, pacing down the heart rate to relax.

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