How to Grow a Coleus Tree - Step by Step

How to Grow a Coleus Tree  - Step by Step -- A Victorian-era bedding plant that has made a comeback with lovely colors all year long is the coleus. In either full sun or shade, this plant thrives. This coleus has oppositely arranged square stems and square leaves. It can produce tiny blue to white flowers. Even though coleus can grow like a tree and stand straight in front of the terrace with lovely colors, it is not uncommon for people to any plant it as an ornamental plant. To grow coleus like a tree, take a few simple steps.

Select the appropriate coleus variety


Keep in mind that not all coleus varieties grow taller than the majority if you intend to use one as a tree. You can pick from a variety of plants that are suitable for growing as trees, such as mariposa, candy store, orange kind, and many others. These kinds can grow to a height of three to four feet.

Coleus as a tree: a step-by-step guide

- Select the appropriate container

Although coleus does well in 6 to 8 inch pots, growing coleus as a tree is not the most appealing option. You can grow coleus as a tree in a standard 12 to 14 inch container. Because coleus can be quite heave, keep the plant steady.


- Bet

Coleus plants require attention because they are side or below-ground trees. Bamboo or trellis can be used to give it a straight, tall appearance. The main stem may become hard with the coleus support. Be careful not to tie it too tightly as this could cause it to break.

- Squeeze and fill

Coleus plants need to be straight in order to develop into trees: bamboo stakes can help with this. Pinch frequently and repeatedly. To make sure the plant grows straight and bushy, pinch side branches. Start cutting off the top of the plant once it reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet. This will trick the tree's lower axillary buds into sprouting 2 new branches.

Quick tricks to transform coleus into a tree


- Be mindful of the lighting since coleus can tolerate bright and indirect light for long periods of time. The plant will slant sideways as it turns toward the light.

- In regions free of frost, coleus can flourish for a number of years. Then you'll need to wait for the coleus to develop into a tree. To see result right away, you need to purchase large specimens.

- Apply diluted liquid fertilizer with a 10 : 10 : 10 ratio over a minimum of 10 - 21 days during the active growing season.

- Shield the plants from strong winds that can snap their stems and cause them to become neat.

- Make sure to give the plants regular waterings and prevent the soil from drying out entirely. To keep the humidity at the right level all the time, make sure to provide adequate watering.

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