7 Christmas Cactus Mistakes That Means It Will Never Bloom

Homiful.com -- The blooming Christmas cactus is so beautiful. The pink-purplish flowers on the green cladodes provide an eye-catching contrast when placed in any interior setting. Unfortunately, not everyone can make a Christmas cactus flower. A few mistakes will make it stop or never flower at all. Learn more about it in 7 Christmas cactus mistakes that means it will never bloom.

1. Underwatering with low humidity


The Christmas cactus in the picture above is said to be 100 years old. During that time, it can flower every year, especially around the holidays. It does, however, require basic and proper care.

Don't get caught up in the word ''cactus''. This plant is not a desert-type plant that can withstand heat and underwatering. Native to tropical forest and thrives in hot, humid conditions. Watering on a regular basis keeps the soil from becoming too dry.

2. Overwatering the Christmas cactus


Christmas cactus does not like underwatering or overwatering. Overwatering promotes root rot and the green cladodes. It can trigger leaf segment and bud to fall off.

Do a finger test to assure you when to water! Once a week, check if the soil feels two inches dry. That's sign for the next watering. Let the water drain through the drainage holes to avoid soggy soil.

3. Not fertilizing it during the growing season


Christmas cacti require nutrients after the flowering season in order to grow and produce buds the following year. If you notice new segment begin to grow, begin fertilizing them. This is something happen in the late winter, early spring, and summer. Never fertilize when the flowers are in bloom, it causes the buds to fall off.

4. Repotting the rootbound


Christmas cactus prefers root-bound conditions to grow lush. The Christmas cactus does not require annual repotting. You can just repot the plant once every 5 to 10 years. This plant will not flower in stressed root conditions, especially after repotting.

5. Place the plant at an unstable temperature


The optimal growing temperature for this plant is around 68 F (20 C). Place them in areas that are neither too hot nor too cold. This can prevent them for flowering.

If you want to place it near a window, make sure it's not open. Draft can cause the buds to fall. Some gardeners succeed in making them bloom by placing them in indirect, bright light with a slightly cool temperature and high humidity.

6. Too much sun 


Do not give them direct sunlight. This can prevent them from flowering and even cause them to die. These plants like to grow in bright, indirect light. Too much light will stress them, causing sunburn and drought stress.

7. Move it to a new place after new buds grow


If your Christmas cactus seem to have released new buds for flowering, don't move it! It may not look aesthetically pleasing in the previous spot, but the buds that appear are a sign that your Christmas cactus is happy and well-adapted. If you move it, it could stress the plant and drop the buds.

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