5 Things You Need to Check Before Buying a Christmas Cactus

Homiful.com -- Christmas cactus is a great indoor plant choice, especially for the winter holiday. This plant will reward you with beautiful, brightly colored blooms. The plant adds a touch of color and interest to your indoor styling.

People said that the Christmas cactus is an easy-going plant, in fact it's not that easy to grow or buy one for the house. Before bringing this winter holiday plant into your home, there are few things you should look into. Learn more in 5 things you need to check before buying a Christmas cactus.

1. Is it suitable plant for you and where you live?


Check to see if you can provide ideal growing condition for any plants, especially Christmas cactus, before purchasing them for a nursery store.

The Christmas cactus can't tolerate frost, but it also requires cold to force it to bloom. The plant prefers warm, cool temperature, moderate to low humidity, and some hours of bright indirect light. Keep it away from drafts and heaters at home.

It's time to go to the nursery store if you're confident you can provide growing conditions.

2. Skip the Christmas cactus in the door!


Buying a Christmas cactus at the store is not as easy as you might think. If you find a Christmas cactus or any holiday cactus near a draft door, don't be tempted to buy one! 

The Christmas cactus is a tropical plant that doesn't like chilly temperature / cold air. It can make them suffer by dropping their buds. Leave the Christmas cactus near the gas fireplace as well. If you buy it, you must restore it first so that it can bloom for a long time.

3. Check the cladodes!


These plants don't have leaves in 'common', but parts called cladodes. Squeeze one of its cladodes gently to see if it is in good condition. The Christmas cactus is worth purchasing if it is firm and thick. It' better to leave it when the cladodes feel papery, thin, and wrinkled.

4. Look at the crown!


You don't want to get an overwatering the Christmas cactus, do you? Look for any yellow signs at the base or rotting segments on the crown. That could be a sign of overwatering. The crown should be well-rooted and a deep emerald green in color.

5. Observe the soil!


When you buy a Christmas cactus at the store, it is unlikely to be this lush and large. That's made possible by proper and timely care. Check the Christmas cactus potting soil condition at the store; don't let water accumulate in it. The plant will easily lead to rot and disease.

Skip one if you see it waterlogged or has mold & fungus on the surface. It is preferable to pick one that's being underwatering rathe than overwatering.

After you buy one of the best Christmas cacti, take it slowly and protect it on your way back home. Provide better conditions to make your house the best place for the holiday cactus.

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