7 Hanging Basket Plants Can be Grown From Cuttings

7 Hanging Basket Plants Can be Grown From Cuttings

Homiful.com -- Plants are a good addition to any living space. Plants, in addition to providing a fresh impression, can also display an appealing room aesthetic. Selecting ornamental plants that can be easily propagated required caution. Even if the plant is growing in a hanging basket. Consider having hanging plants in your home's interior or garden.

Spider plant


This plant, known as the spider plant, is one of the pet-friendly plants. Very pretty in a hanging basket and attractive in rattan pots.



Tradescantia is a dominant plant with bright purple leaves, but it also has several unique varieties with pink and white leaves. Thrives in the ground or in hanging baskets to add a fresh and stunning touch to the decor.

String of Pearls


This stunning and eye-catching plant for any room is simple to grow. It can be propagated by stem cuttings and must be kept moist.

String of spades


In a hanging basket, a very pretty semi succulent vine. The long, shovel-shaped leaves that cascade down are silver with green botches. Ideal for window sin sunny or bright rooms.

String of Banana


A succulent plant that can be easily propagated and grown from cuttings, it requires well-drained soil. When placed indoors, maintain humidity and pay attention to lighting.



Philodendron are easy-care plants that grow well in all rooms with low light levels. Identify several types and ensure that the plants you choose have healthy, shiny leaves. When the leaves have matured, placed in a hanging basket and prune.

Boston Fern


Tropical plants will make the interior fresher because they can effectively clean the pollutants in the room. This Boston fern belongs to a group of plants that are easy to care for and tolerate low lighting.

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