Houseplant Care - Easy Care Guide for Alocasia Frydek -- Alocasia is a popular plant and one of the ideas for creating a tropical atmosphere in homes and gardens. This time, we will focus more on how to care for alocasia frydek. This velvet-leaved plant with an oval heart shape has many fans. However, you don't just have to have it. However, proper care will bring the plant a longer and healthier life with you. 

Check out Houseplant Care - Easy Care Guide for Alocasia Frydek.





When it comes to plants, soil is important because it is the medium for them to grow properly. For alocasia frydek, this plant grows well in a light potting mix that has good drainage. Use soil that has peat moss and perlite. This combination can provide enough moisture for alocasia. 

Do not provide soil that is too dense so that water does not stagnate during watering.





Bright, indirect light is the perfect choice for this velvet-leaved plant. Place it in an area that has sunlight in the morning and avoid afternoon sunlight. You can rotate your plant to allow for even and symmetrical growth.





Watering is usually a tricky thing, if not done properly it will cause many problems for the plants. For this alocasia frydek, it requires watering when 1 to 2 inches of its soil surface has dried out. There is no exact time period for this plant, as it can be affected by your environment as well. 

Be diligent to check the condition of the soil and you can estimate the right time to water it. Only water the soil area and do not water the leaves to avoid damaging them.



As it originates from tropical rain forests, it loves humid and warm conditions. A range of 18 to 30 degrees Celsius is the most perfect humidity for this beautiful plant. If you have a location that doesn't have high humidity, use a tray filled with water and gravel to keep the plant fresh and moist.



Fertilization is typically performed during the growing season, when the plant is actively growing before entering dormancy. Use a half-strength balanced liquid fertilizer. Apply at least once a month to promote faster stem and leaf growth. High-salt products should be avoided because they will cause root problems.



Repotting usually becomes a routine thing to do when the plant has grown too big for the pot it is in, making it difficult to absorb nutrients optimally. When you want to move it to a new pot, you can separate some of its buds for propagation. Give the same care for this alocasia frydek propagation.
The best time to do repotting and propagation is during spring.
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