TOP 7 CO2 Absorption Indoor Plants

TOP 7 CO2 Absorption Indoor Plants -- The majority of the time, daytime carbon dioxide compounds can be absorbed by ornamental plants. However, there are a number of decorative plants, including houseplants, that can take up carbon dioxide at night.

Ornamental plants that breathe at night, absorbing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Identify which of these houseplants is most effective at absorbing carbon dioxide.





Dieffenbachia is an ornamental plant that effectively absorb carbon dioxide by lowering it to 23.90 pc in closed space. After research, this plant's initial CO2 absorption, which was 436 ppm, dropped to 332 ppm.

ZZ plant


This plant is well known for being hard to kill and for its ability to thrive when neglected. The best indoor air purifier, according to NASA research, is the zz plant, which efficiently removes dangerous indoor pollutants from the home environment, including carbon dioxide, xylene, and toluene.



These excellent air-purifying plants with little maintenance are also good at absorbing CO2 indoors. The most common air pollutant, ozone, can also be absorbed by this ornamental plant.

Cactus and succulents


Succulents and cacti are examples of plants that can absorb CO2 at night and release oxygen during the day. This plant is simple to maintain and looks great on window sills.

Jade plant


This plant, also referred to as Crassula ovata, is a jade plant that has a number of advantages. Indoor air quality can also be improved by plants that can effectively absorb CO2 at night. Consequently, lovers of ornamental plants frequently choose this plant as their favorite.

Snake plant

According to research, this snake plants is a plant that is very effective at reducing the amount of CO2 in the room because it can absorb 0.49 ppm of CO2 in a closed space. Additionally, this plant thrives in any space and requires little maintenance.


This ornamental plant is also known as a flamingo and has lovely red spathe flowers. Dark green leaves with a CO2 absorption range of 467 ppm to 368 ppm have been studied as indoor plants.

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