Top Showstopper Succulents for Any Home & Garden -- We all love plants, especially those with unique and beautiful charms. Succulents are unmistakable choice in any home or garden. They come in a variety of shapes and color that effortlessly draw anyone attention.

Succulents might be your proud plants that you show off to others. Learn which stunning succulents are the top showstopper succulents for any home & garden.

Sedum rubrotinctum


Sedum rubrotinctum, which you may know as jelly bean succulents. This is a lovely plant that looks like an appealing jelly bean. Their leaves can be vibrantly colored and fleshy. Jelly bean succulent like lots of bright, direct light. The tips of the leaves will turn red or orange when exposed to direct sunlight.

Opuntia cactus


Opuntia or prickly pear, is a flowering cactus in the Cactaceae family. They even bear fruit. You can grow it in a pot with dry soil. They will be pleased with a sunny location; the best place is on an open window that receives lot of bright sun in the house.

Flowering cactus; Mammillaria


Cacti are basically flowering plants.  Several types of cacti have showy blooms, such as Parodia, Mammilliria, and Gymnacalycium. The flowers of this cactus are beautiful and colorful. Water the flowering cactus for 2-3 weeks when the top soil completely dry to the touch.

Sedum morganianum


Burro's tail is a succulent that you may often encounter. The burro's tail succulent is a simple plant to grow. They grow lush and require little care. When used as a hanging plant, the fleshy green leaves grow to dangle beautifully.

Prima donna echevaria


As the name implies, this is the prima donna of Echevaria. Echevaria has an open rostte form of foliage. This is a showstopper succulent that will blow anyone away, thanks to its variegated color from black or red orange that looks like a bold blazing fire.

Euphorbia lactea


This is an upright, succulent option that's minimalistic but powerful. Euphorbia lactea will be a one-of-kind to your home's decor. This succulent prefers warm environments with south or west-facing windows. 

Euphorbia, like other succulents does not require frequent watering. Let the soil dry out before watering.

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