The 7 Best Indoor Plants for Fragrance in a House

The 7 Best Indoor Plants for Fragrance in a House -- The most popular plants are usually dominant with only ornamental leaves and flowers. Flowers do not always bloom and have aroma. However, if you want to make your home interior more fragrant and refreshing, these ornamental plants are idea for adding a fresh, soft, and appealing aroma to your home. This aroma can be found in the following plants.

Rose Begonia


The rose begonia is a plant that produces beautiful flowers all year and cam make a room smell fresher and smoother. This plant thrives in partial light and moderate humidity. Grow in containers to showcase a beautiful and eye-catching plant in a room.



Lavender is a plant that grows in pots or spreads throughout the yard. Has a pleasant aroma and usually blooms for a long time its soft and fragrant scent is ideal for use in the bedroom.

The lemon balm

Lemon balm is an indoor plant that emits a distinctive citrus scent. This perennial herb has bright leaves with a light flavor that can be used in cooking. It is idea for windowsill plants that receive bright but indirect light.



Without even realizing it, hoya is a plant with a sweet scent that fills any room. This plant has a strong odor at night. Including tropical plants with easy care and growth, care is limited to regular watering and humidity maintenance to ensure that they grow well in all environments.



Gardenia are plant that have a strong scent that spread throughout the house. This tree plant with white blooms that last for weeks on the shrubs grows well in direct sunlight in the yard.

Scented geranium


There could be some geraniums that don't smell. However, this scented geranium provides a soft scent for the room. Flowers in red, white, and pink thrives in pots. It is necessary to provide adequate care and watering. This plant should not be overwatered because it can cause root rot.

Lily of the valley


This shrub's most beautiful plants is the lily of the valley. Houseplants with sweet scents and flowers with herbal and woody undertones are idea for perfumes. This bellflower variety is simple to care for in sunny valley beds with peat soil mix. However, it is extremely toxic to both humans and pets.

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