Seven Lovely Red Heart-shaped Plants

Seven Lovely Red Heart-shaped Plants -- Indoor ornamental plants with red heart shapes can add a romantic touch. Choosing red ornamental plants for indoor decoration is never a bad idea. In addition to plants that are bright green, red will stand out in any room. Choose from the option in this review:

Peperomia 'Red Ripple'


A plant with a red color and a heart shape is from the Brazilian rainforest in South America. This tropical plant grows compactly and thrives in partial grows compactly and thrives in partial shade. This deeply textured, almost purplish hue prefers moderate watering. 



This South American flowering plant has spread to many countries. This plant, which is easily adapted to tropical or subtropical environments, is among those that can remove harmful substances from the air. The spathe's heart-shaped leaves and red flowers are amazing to choose from.

Hoya Obscura


Hoya comes in a variety of forms. This plant has medium-sized leaves that are pinnately green and lighter in color. In general, it grows in the shade and has small flowers. If grown in shady location, this dark green to pink foliage develops specks.



Caladium is a beautiful ornamental plant with a bright red color. The visible veins have small spots that spread across the entire leaf. This is a lovely cultivar with hear-shaped leaves.

Adenia Stylosa


Is a plant that grows in the shade of dry forest in northern Madagascar. This waxy plant has a curved stems with wavy leaves that spreads. Dark green to purple leaves have detailed dark red veins.



This shrub species is a subtropical flower plant that is commonly used as a Christmas plant. This exotic plant has red leaves and a heart shape. making it an excellent choice for those looking for red heart-shaped leaves.



This succulent with heart-shaped leaves is a small succulent. It lacks a stem and resembles a rock with red spots on a flat surface. This plant is also known as exotic living stone for ceremonial gifts.

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